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100% Natural Product: Home-made Traditional Formula: No chemicals & is Safe to Use For Weak, Sparse, Dull & Non-Existent Hair: The Point is to Grow Back Hair As Soon As Possible

Have you always had weak hair that fall out quickly or simply do not grow?

Do you Suffer from Uneven Head/Body Hair Growth?

Perhaps you need a little Boost to Help Grow your hair?


will give your hair more coverage, strength & length, it will rejuvenate the hair and give it a new form of life, its beneficial as its very moisturising and conditioning.

Directions: Make Super Stimulating Head Hair Growth Booster treatment a part of your daily hair care practice. Apply a tiny amount of this formula only where you want the hair to grow.

(1). Shake the formula before use. Press bottle lid to unlock the bottle, taking some of the solution into the palm of your hands, rub and massage into the area you want Head /Body hair to grow making continued circular movements. The more rubbing at the roots of the hair follicle in circular patterns the better the absorption of the solution and activation of the treatment.

(2). Massage the formula in your desired area but especially focus on the scalp & hair roots/empty patches to ensure all head hair/or where you would like more growth are covered. Allow it dry for upto 15 minutes. (You will be able to see the orange colour of the formula where it is applied, ensure unwanted areas are not touched with this formula).

(3). After Now rinse it off carefully with tepid water and/or your normal shampoo/conditioner removing every trace.

(4). Repeat Super Stimulating Head & Body Hair Growth Booster application at your own pace – twice a day (every morning and night for maximum effectiveness). Ideal times are before showering which allow for convenience.

The average period for a complete regrowth is ranging from 6 to 8 weeks (depending on how often you apply it) with Super Stimulating Head & Body Hair Growth Booster you may notice spurts of growth sooner or even within a few days from first application.

This will off-course vary from person to person.

Try Super Stimulating Head Hair Growth which is a secret traditional 100% natural matured formula: Active Ingredients: (With Paprika Extract and Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Paprika (One of the most concentrated sources of Beta-carotene vitamins, particularly of vitamin B2, B9, and B6 and is also one of the most vitamin C rich spices. A natural rich sources of vitamin E and C. It improves blood circulation flow which helps hair growth and/or regrow, also has substantial amount of iron which ensures that the hair follicle gets enough oxygen. It stimulates and revitalizes dormant follicles, strengthens hair and promotes their active growth. Due to paprika’s helpful and healing properties, it is widely used in folk and traditional medicine for the prevention and treatment of many ailments and diseases).

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Nourishes and moisturizes hair)

Tea Tree Oil (Soothing and healing properties)

Sweet Almond Extract (Reduces inflammation, promotes growth by keeping hair moisturised, healthy and less prone to breakage making hair growth more noticeable. It contains essential fatty acids that nourish the hair and vitamin E, potassium and magnesium which are essential components to healthy hair growth).

Ingredients Enriched using a Unique Special Technique to Promote and Stimulate Head/Body Hair Growth with the right balance of vitamins & hair nourishment.

***Speed up the Hair Growth Process

***Enhance the Head/Body Hair Growth and Strengthen the Hair.

***Stimulate Head/Body Hair Growth where it didn’t Exist Previously.

This solution works, with patience and perseverance try this formula, results are noticeable with continued use and as part of a daily routine.



*Apply it repeatedly only to the affected area, be careful if you use it where you did not intend to, you might face some unwanted hair in undesired areas* Always test in a small area first, dis-continue if experience irritation.

*Remove immediately to avoid this*

Any questions, please contact me. Thanks.


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