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EYEBROW HAIR GROWTH BOOSTER: Super Stimulating for Women:

100% Natural product: Home-made Traditional Formula: No chemicals: Safe to use.

For Over-Plucked, Sparse, Non-Existent hair: The Point is to Grow Back Hair As Soon As Possible

Have you had an unfortunate accident and you spoiled your eyebrows?

Returning from a visit to the beautician who didn’t know when to stop?

Perhaps your eyebrows have always been sparse and empty looking?

Super Stimulating Eyebrow Hair Growth Booster is the perfect solution.


Make Super Stimulating Eyebrow Hair Growth Booster treatment a part of your daily skin care practice. Apply a tiny amount of this formula only where you want the hair to grow.

(1). Ensure your eyebrows are thoroughly cleansed before applying.

(2). Shake formula well before use and apply a thin layer of coating with the integrated brush stick that comes with the solution and massage into the area you want eyebrow hair to grow making circular movements. (It is normal to feel some tingling when it is applied and it may even itch a little which is due to the warming properties present in the solution). Massaging the eyebrow area will help stimulate this formula and the hair growth process.

(3). Massage the formula against your eyebrow area and let it dry for upto 10 minutes. (You will be able to see the orange colour of the formula where it is applied, ensure unwanted areas are not touched with this formula).

(4). Now rinse it off carefully with tepid water and your normal face cleanser and remove every trace.

(5). Massaging the eyebrow area anytime of the day is beneficial (as often as you can, ideally before and after the application) to this treatment.

(6). Repeat Super Stimulating Eyebrow Hair Growth Booster application atleast twice a day (every morning and night).

In a few weeks you should see the freshly blooming eyebrow.The faster and uniform growth will help you in choosing the right eyebrow design and shape in the future.

The average period for a complete regrowth is ranging from 6 to 8 weeks, with Super Stimulating Eyebrow Hair Growth Booster you may notice spurts of growth sooner or even within a few days from first application. This will off-course vary from person to person.

Try Super Stimulating Eyebrow Hair Growth Booster which is a traditional 100% natural matured formula:

Active Ingredients: (With Paprika Extract and Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Paprika (One of the most concentrated sources of Beta-carotene vitamins, particularly of vitamin B2, B9, and B6 and is also one of the most vitamin C rich spices. A natural rich sources of vitamin E and C. It improves blood circulation flow which helps hair growth and/or regrow, also has substantial amount of iron which ensures that the hair follicle gets enough oxygen. It stimulates and revitalizes dormant follicles, strengthens hair and promotes their active growth. Due to paprika’s helpful and healing properties, it is widely used in folk and traditional medicine for the prevention and treatment of many ailments and diseases).

Extra virgin olive oil (Nourishes and moisturizes hair)

Tea tree oil (Soothing and healing properties)

Sweet Almond extract (Reduces inflammation, promotes growth by keeping hair moisturised, healthy and less prone to breakage making hair growth more noticeable. It contains essential fatty acids that nourish the hair and vitamin E, potassium and magnesium which are essential components to healthy hair growth.

Ingredients Enriched using a Secret Special Technique to Promote and Stimulate Eyebrow Hair Growth.

***Speed up the Eyebrow Hair Growth Process

***Enhance the Growth and Strengthen the Hair.

***Stimulate Eyebrow Hair Growth where it didn’t Exist Previously.

It is a Tried & Tested Formula…

This formula does work and I have tried it on myself after I suffered from an awful experience at the beauticians. I went to get the High Definition Brow treatment with high hopes. The amateur beautician ended up messing my eyebrows. I was left with a very gothic looking dark black tint on my eyebrows and over-plucked eyebrows underneath it. My natural eyebrow shape had been lost. As a person’s Eyebrows have a huge impact on ones appearance. I had the added embarassment that my nose now appeared very big/fat as my eyebrows appeared too harsh and were missing alot of hair immediately above from the inner corner of my eye. Dis-heartened and desperate to get my eyebrows back to normal quickly I formulated Super Eyebrow Hair Growth Booster which I used on myself. It took a few days to notice the first spurts of growth and within a few weeks I had progressive growth which then lead to full growth and better coverage. My eyebrows look the best they ever have and my facial features have soften up as a result.

This product does work and will help you to achieve the perfect eyebrow appearance you desire.

I would love to hear about how your progress with the Super Stimulating Eyebrow Hair Growth Formula goes!

Do persevere and try this formula as the results will be worth it!


*Apply it repeatedly only to the affected area, be careful if you use it where you did not intend to, you might face some unwanted hair in undesired areas*

*Remove immediately to avoid this*

* This product is not intended and is unsuitable for Eye-Lashes*

Any questions, please contact me.


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