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BEARDSMAN KIT – For Men contains the following:

* {Bestselling Men’s Facial Hair Growth Booster Serum: Beard, Moustache, Sideburns, 12ml}

* {Stimhairgrowths Beard Oil / Conditioner For Men 12ml}

* {Natural Wood Beard Comb}

* {Natural Jute Gift Bag}

The perfect essential grooming set to spoil yourself or gift your dad, husband, brother or friend!
Grooming essentials packed in one handy natural travel/gift bag, Use both the serums to complement your hairgrowth and haircare regime.

More about the items in the kit below….


Men’s Facial Hair Growth Booster Serum Roll-on: Beard, Moustache, Sideburns, 12ml} which is a secret traditional 100% natural matured formula: Active Ingredients: (With Paprika Extract and Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Ingredients Enriched using a Unique Special Technique to Promote and Stimulate Facial Hair Growth with the right balance of vitamins & hair nourishment. It can be used on Moustaches, Beards, Sideburns & Eyebrows and will give your hair more coverage, strength & length.

100% Natural Product: Home-made Traditional Formula:
No chemicals & is Safe to Use
For Over-Shaved, Sparse, Non-Existent Hair:
The Point is to Grow Back Hair As Soon As Possible
An Essential Handy Male Grooming Product

mens facial hair growth style types

Directions: Make Super Stimulating Facial Hair Growth Booster treatment a part of your daily skin care practice. Apply a tiny amount of this formula only where you want the hair to grow.

(1). Ensure the skin area is thoroughly cleansed before applying.

(2). Shake formula and using the integrated roll-on device massage into the area you want facial hair to grow making continued circular movements.

(3). Massage the formula in your desired area and let it dry for upto 10 minutes. (You will be able to see the orange colour of the formula where it is applied, ensure unwanted areas are not touched with this formula).

(4). Now rinse it off carefully with tepid water and your normal face cleanser and remove every trace.

(5). Repeat Super Stimulating Facial Hair Growth Booster application atleast twice a day (every morning and night for maximum effectiveness).

The average period for a complete regrowth is ranging from 6 to 8 weeks, with Super Stimulating Facial Hair Growth Booster you may notice spurts of growth sooner or even within a few days from first application. This will off-course vary from person to person.

This Serum works, with patience and perserverance try this formula, results are noticeable with continued use and as part of a daily routine. The Roll-on provides generous applications and this bottle will go a long way.


*Apply it repeatedly only to the affected area, be careful if you use it where you did not intend to, you might face some unwanted hair in undesired areas* *Remove immediately to avoid this*


{Stimhairgrowths Beard Oil / Conditioner For Men 12ml}

Ingredients Enriched with Key Vitamins and Minerals to Protect and Condition Your Beard & Skin. Active Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Soya Oil. 100% natural, no color, artificial scent or preservatives.

mens beard oil

This is a perfect nourishing beard oil for your daily routine and can be used before shaving. It’s a light non-greasy leave-in oil and will ensure you keep your beard growing silky soft, sumptuously smooth and strong whilst it restores shine. It can also be used for any form of facial hair from stubbly beard beginnings to fully blossomed beards.

The beard oil moisturizes facial hair and the skin beneat, it is hydrating to the skin and helps soften and tame beard hair, which means it also does double-duty as a styling agent.

Ensure you have a freshly washed, towel dried beard, apply the beard oil directly to your beard using the integrated roll-on device.
Caring for skin, particularly cleansing and moisturization, is crucial, especially if you live in a cold or dry climate. You can massage the oil into areas where you have dryness or coat your beard according to your needs. You only need to apply a small amount as this goes along way and is super penetrating, intensively nourishing and hydrating.

***Speed up the Hair Growth Process
***Enhance the Facial Hair Growth and Strengthen the Hair.
***Stimulate Facial Hair Growth where it didn’t Exist Previously.
***Keep your facial hair flake free.

Natural Handmade Brown Wood Comb (Size: 2.3 inch wide1.5 inch length)

An indispensable aid for the grooming, maintenance & shaping of your beard & moustache & hair, helping to ensure you appear shipshape. is thick and durable. The high quality wood ensures that the blades of the comb do not break easily, allows you to look neat, tidy and well maintained.

This brown natural wooden comb is so beneficial for your hair because :

*Wood does not create static electricity, which prevents loss of energy in the hair.
If you comb your facial hair (or scalp) front to back, back to front, and then to the right and left several times, it will refresh you, no matter how long your hair is. All the tiredness of your day will be gone.
*Wooden bristles gently massage the scalp and move natural oils through the hair. This aids in blood circulation, excess sebum absorption and helps in removal of hair impurities.
*Massaging helps in hair growth and stimulate acupressure points.
*When exposed to a blow dryer, the brush stays cool because wood does not conduct heat. When hair is wet the wooden bristles glide easily through the tangles.


Natural Handmade Jute Drawstring Bag (Size: 12 x 17cm)

The essential travel bag for storing all the above products and any other essentials you may have.



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